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New CIA Logo Should Go Under Cover

There’s probably a lot that the Central Intelligence Agency is really good at doing…but branding doesn’t seem to be one of them!

Recently. “The Company” revealed a new logo and website with the goal of attracting a younger, more diverse pool of talent to their organization.

At any rate, it looks confusing and not as well done as it could be, especially for such a prestigious institution.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, if we were advising the team, we would have kept the essence of the old logo, but with a modern refresh. It would have kept the professionalism and still given the pop of revitalization that was needed. For the website, we also would have added more variety to the models they used on the Home page and probably would have advised some different facial expressions. Almost everyone seriously looks like he or she just passed gas, but they hope you don’t notice. Check it out for yourself and let us know if you agree. Meanwhile, let’s be grateful that the first line of defense in protecting our nation doesn’t involve branding.


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