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There was a time when Public Relations was simple.  You either wanted to get something in the news or keep it out!

Things have come a long way since then.  Today, there are so many media channels and opportunities that it can be overwhelming. 
Add into the mix that most people over the age of 12 have a smart phone with a camera and can release a potentially life changing story within mere moments. 

While there are some basic principles of good PR, each organization needs its own unique strategy – both internal and external. 

Because our PR team has diverse backgrounds from journalists to corporate communications, we can offer a varied and complete approach. 

As we’re developing a solid Public Relations plan, a few of the areas that we will consider are:

- Press releases on new products, services or events
- Social Media (promote positive image and respond to negative opinions)  
- Reputation and Crisis Management
- Copy Writing and Blogging (internal and external sites)
- Press Kits
- Brochures and Marketing Materials
- Special Event Planning
- Public Appearance Opportunities
- Speech Writing
- Media and Public Speaking Training


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