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We’re in Heaven over a Match Made in Hell

While we’re not big fans of Satan (or 2020, come to think of it!), we are huge admirers of the always clever Ryan Reynolds!

Once again, Reynolds has turned what could be an obvious approach completely upside down.

As the producer for a recent campaign, he hooks up Hell with 2020 for a romance like no other!

Click here for the extended, introductory cut:

Through out the commercial, the couple heads out for an array of activities that only someone who’s experienced this past year can truly appreciate. You’ll notice in the background Taylor Swifts’ megahit “Love Story” adds to the ridiculousness and makes us love it even more!

For the follow up, Reynolds had the couple in a more traditional confessional style sitting on the couch talking about one another! You can check out Part 2 here which is the broadcast version: The new ad campaign once again shows Reynolds’ mastery of pop culture. He’s put this talent to work for himself with two companies which he had controlling interest, Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin. Reynolds sold Aviation Gin in August for about $610 million! He was also named Adweek’s 2020 Brand Visionary during Brandweek back in September. He's also earned himself a permanent spot in our creative sessions anytime! We can’t wait to see what he will do next. XO

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